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marzo, 2021

22marTutto il giorno24AAAI2021SSSAAAI2021 Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for K-12 Education

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Technology has transformed over the last few years, turning from futuristic ideas into today’s reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of these transformative technologies that is now achieving great successes in various real-world applications and made our life more convenient and safe. AI is now shaping the way businesses, governments, and educational institutions do things and is making its way into K-12 classrooms, schools and districts across many countries.

In fact, the increasingly digitalized education tools and the popularity of online learning have produced an unprecedented amount of data that provides us with invaluable opportunities for applying AI in K-12 education. Recent years have witnessed growing efforts from AI research community devoted to advancing our education and promising results have been obtained in solving various critical problems in K-12 education. For examples, AI tools are built to ease the workload for teachers. Instead of grading each piece of work individually, which can take up a bulk of extra time, intelligent scoring tools allow teachers the ability to have their students work automatically graded. What’s more, various AI based models are trained on massive student behavioral and exercise data to have the ability to take note of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying where they may be struggling. These models can also generate instant feedback to instructors and help them to improve their teaching effectiveness.

Despite gratifying achievements have demonstrated the great potential and bright development prospect of introducing AI in K-12 education, developing and applying AI technologies to educational practice is fraught with its unique challenges, including, but not limited to, extreme data sparsity, lack of labeled data, and privacy issues. Hence, this symposium will focus on introducing research progress on applying AI to K-12 education and discussing recent advances of handling challenges encountered in AI educational practice. The proposed symposium builds upon our continued efforts (AAAI’20 workshop, IJCAI’20 tutorial, KDD’20 tutorial) in bringing the AI community members together for the above-mentioned themes. This symposium will bring together AI researchers, learning scientists, educators and policymakers to exchange problems and solutions and build possible collaborations in the future.

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marzo 22 (Lunedì) - 24 (Mercoledì)


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