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novembre, 2021

08novTutto il giorno11AlCoB 2020 & 20217th-8th International Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology

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AlCoB aims at promoting and displaying excellent research using string and graph algorithms and combinatorial optimization to deal with problems in biological sequence analysis, genome rearrangement, phylogeny reconstruction, and structure prediction.

AlCoB 2020 & 2021 will merge the scheduled program for AlCoB 2020, which could not take place because of the Covid-19 crisis, with a new series of papers submitted on this occasion.

Previous events were held in Tarragona, Mexico City, Trujillo (Spain), Aveiro, Hong Kong and Berkeley.

The conference will address several of the current challenges in computational biology, with topics including:

  • assembling sequence reads into a complete genome,
  • identifying gene structures in the genome,
  • recognizing regulatory motifs,
  • aligning nucleotides and comparing genomes,
  • reconstructing regulatory networks of genes, and
  • inferring the evolutionary phylogeny of species.

Special focus will be put on methodology and significant room will be reserved for scholars at the beginning of their career.

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novembre 8 (Lunedì) - 11 (Giovedì)


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