Saturday, July 31, 2021

gennaio, 2021

13gen00:3002:00Artificial Intelligence and its Impacts on the Workforce

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There is an ongoing debate around the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on future workforce needs both in the US and Globally. Some futurists have stated extremist predictions quoting devastating job losses due to upcoming automation. Many Economists feel that policies need to buffer this (i.e., UBI/Job guarantee to bridge the gap). Others believe market forces will lead individuals to re-skill on their own and move towards new jobs created in a reshaped economy supported by greater levels of automation. The panel will define AI, its current and future technical landscape, explore the transformational processes required within organizations and the economy to move us from where we are into this future, and finally explore the relationship of these new technical environments with the proven views of Economic behaviors as defined by Henry George and other Economists.

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