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novembre, 2020

19novTutto il giorno20CoNLL 2020SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

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CoNLL is a yearly conference organized by SIGNLL (ACL’s Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning). This year, CoNLL will be colocated with EMNLP 2020, and like EMNLP will be a fully virtual conference.

The main focus of CoNLL is on theoretically, cognitively and scientifically motivated approaches to computational linguistics, rather than on work driven by particular engineering applications. Such approaches include:

Computational learning theory and other techniques for theoretical analysis of machine learning models for NLP
Models of first, second and bilingual language acquisition by humans
Models of language evolution and change
Computational simulation and analysis of findings from psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic experiments
Analysis and interpretation of NLP models, using methods inspired by cognitive science or linguistics or other methods
Data resources, techniques and tools for scientifically-oriented research in computational linguistics
Connections between computational models and formal languages or linguistic theories
Linguistic typology and other multilingual work
We welcome work targeting any aspect of language, including:

Speech and phonology
Syntactic parsing
Lexical, compositional and discourse semantics
Dialogue and interactive language use
Multimodal and grounded language learning

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novembre 19 (Giovedì) - 20 (Venerdì)


Online only