Saturday, July 31, 2021

gennaio, 2021

28gen(gen 28)09:0029(gen 29)16:00DigForEthics: Conversations on DF, Ethics, Law and AI

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Although not necessarily (and not everywhere in the same way) what is ethical is legal, and vice-versa, ethics and law are at the hearth of human societies since their dawn, and their relations have been studied for centuries. This is not the case for the relations between ethics and more recent disciplines like Digital Forensics (DF) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), where the ethical question has been necessarily raised much more recently. Despite their short history, “”Ethics in AI”” and “”Ethics in DF”” are emerging as two among the biggest issues of this millenium.

The technologies that drive AI and DF are almost the same all over the world, but law changes from country to country, and not only different cultures follow different ethical principles, but also different individuals belonging to the same cultural group do. When AI is exploited in the domains of DF and Law, their interplay, along with the interplay with specific cultural aspects, makes the ethical question extremely delicate and complex, and for this reason extremely urgent, to address.

The DigForASP COST Action (Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices, CA17124, launched on 10th September 2018 for 4 years), thanks to its strongly interdisciplinary nature, is a perfect framework for conversating on AI, DF, Law and Ethics.
In this two days event, judges, lawyers, experts of DF, of AI, and of data privacy will share their point of view on the ethical threats that the adoption of intelligent automated techniques may bring to their profession on the one hand, and how to mitigate them and turn them into opportunities, on the other.

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28 (Giovedì) 09:00 - 29 (Venerdì) 16:00


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