Saturday, July 31, 2021

aprile, 2021

13aprTutto il giornoICGAI 20211st International Congress for the Governance of AI

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ICGAI is a collaborative initiative directed at catalyzing an agile and comprehensive governance network for artificial intelligence. It brings together representatives of governments, industry, international organizations, universities, research centers, leaders of underserved nations and communities, and other stakeholders.

As we seek to address issues of AI-related governance, balancing the need for innovation, competition, and cooperation, while minimizing risks and undesirable societal consequences poses a daunting international challenge. The frameworks being developed together must accommodate input from the various stakeholders, function as a trusted good-faith broker, monitor developments, flag concerns and explore creative means to manage issues through engineering, ethics, and/or oversight. Any new international governance mechanism established is unlikely to have enforcement authority. Nevertheless, it can facilitate cooperation and light coordination between many stakeholders in the AI space.

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