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novembre, 2020

18novTutto il giorno22ICONIP202027th International Conference on Neural Information Processing

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The 27th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2020) aims to provide a leading international forum for researchers, scientists, and industry professionals who are working in neuroscience, neural networks, deep learning, and related fields to share their new ideas, progresses and achievements.


Theory and Algorithms
Causality and explainable AI
Computational intelligence
Control and decision theory
Constraint and uncertainty theory
Machine learning
Neural network models
Pattern recognition
Time series analysis

Computational and Cognitive Neurosciences
Affective and cognitive learning
Biometric systems/interfaces
Brain-machine interface
Computational psychiatry
Decision making and control
Neural data analysis
Reasoning and consciousness
Sensory perception
Social cognition

Human Centred Computing
Biomedical information
Human activity recognition
Human-centred design
Human–computer interaction
Neuromorphic hardware
Recommender systems
Social networks
Sports and rehabilitation

Big data analysis
Computational finance
Image processing and computer vision
Data mining
Information security
Information retrieval
Multimedia information processing
Natural language processing
Robotics and control
Web search and mining

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novembre 18 (Mercoledì) - 22 (Domenica)


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