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10genTutto il giorno15ICPR 202025th International Conference on Pattern Recognition

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ICPR 2020 is the premier world conference in Pattern Recognition. It covers both theoretical issues and applications of the discipline. We solicit original research for publication in the main conference. Topics of interest include all aspects of Pattern Recognition, not limited to the following detailed list:

Track 1: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for Pattern Analysis
statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition
classification and clustering
artificial neural networks architectures and models
machine learning: symbolic learning, deep learning, transfer learning, active and ensemble learning, semi-supervised learning and spectral methods, reinforcement learning and temporal models

Track 2: Biometrics, Human Analysis and Behavior Understanding
Biometric systems and forensics applications:
hard biometrics: face, iris, gait, fingerprint, speech-based recognition
soft biometrics: skin, hair, facial and body measurements, behavior, facial expression-based recognition
closed set, open set, open world identity recognition
gesture, action and event recognition and tracking
human computer interaction: human body motion and gesture-based interaction, speech and natural language-based interaction
affective computing
pattern recognition for surveillance and security

Track 3: Computer Vision, Robotics and Intelligent Systems
early and low-level vision
physics-based vision and perceptual organization
stereo and multiple view geometry, 3D shape recovery
2D/3D object detection and recognition
motion, tracking and video analysis
deformable object tracking and registration
object recognition and manipulation
image and video analysis and understanding
vision for autonomous driving
vision for robotics, robot navigation and SLAM

Track 4: Document and Media Analysis
audio and acoustic processing and analysis
spoken language processing
character and text recognition
handwriting recognition
document understanding
content based image retrieval and data mining
multimedia analysis
visual question and answering
multimedia applications of pattern recognition
media analysis for augmented and virtual reality
multimodal fusion

Track 5: Image and Signal Processing
sensor array & multichannel signal processing
enhancement, restoration and filtering
segmentation, features and descriptors
coding, compression and super-resolution
automatic speech and speaker recognition
medical image and signal analysis
biological image and signal analysis
volumetric image analysis
brain-computer interfaces

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